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Here is my interview with CBS Radio in Los Angeles from April 8, 2011 following the Bryan Stow beating at Dodger Stadium.

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I love baseball. I love sports rivalries. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I love the Dodgers. By definition that means I hate the Giants. I spent the first 23 years of my life growing up in Los Angeles and I was in attendance in 1993 when the Dodgers ended the Giants postseason chances on the season's final day. I later spent three years living in San Francisco where I got to see the passions on the other side - and where I first put this website together. I believe this to be baseball's best rivalry, and perhaps the best in all of American sports. The competition has been balanced while both franchises have maintained a high level of success. One could certainly argue that Red Sox-Yankees is better, but if you compare them strictly by the numbers (and I do), it's no contest.

I use Baseball-Reference.com and Retrosheet.org for most of the stats. Much of the data is already grouped together on those sites, however I spent a lot of time going over individual game scores to fill in some holes and to create new statistical categories.  There are also a few good books out there, the best of which is Andrew Goldblatt's "The Giants and the Dodgers: Four Cities, Two Teams, One Rivalry." And, of course, some of the info here was soaked up through the years simply by watching games and listening to Vin Scully.

Special thanks to my friend Dan Rinder, who designed the 125 Years graphic. You can check out his work at danrinder.com.






"The Giants and the Dodgers:
Four Cities, Two Teams, One Rivalry
by Andrew Goldblatt

"The Giants and the Dodgers:
The Fabulous Story of Baseball's Fiercest Feud
by Lee Allen



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